This website serves as a primer on the various archetypes one can draft within my cube (Its0v3r9000 cube) and other cubes similar to Wtwlf123’s cube. It will highlight various strategies and draft priorities for drafters to keep in mind while drafting the cube. This list will cover different types of archetypes, from decks that rely on specific cards, to decks that are built around synergies, to decks that are designed on more linear strategies. To tackle these archetypes, these strategies will be divided into Aggro, Control, Mid-ranged, and Combo. Within these categories, individual deck strategies will be broken down into several sections, including a brief introduction and deck strategy, key picks, draft strategy, weaknesses, and a final overview.

New cube archetypes will be posted every 2 weeks on Friday.

About Me:

I have been playing Magic since Unlimited, and absolutely adore the cube. My cube has been around since 2007. It is powered, foiled, and contains many alters.

You can view the cube on MTGS here, or draft it on cubetutor here.


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