Aggro Pox/SUI

"Disgusting little creatures..."

“Disgusting little creatures…”


Also known as suicide black, or ‘Sui’, the Aggro Pox strategy combines black’s recurring creatures with powerful symmetrical and suicidal effects like Pox. A very black-heavy deck, this aggro strategy applies disruption, creature kill, and efficient, recurring weenies to kill the opponent while keeping them from progressing their board. In the cube, you may want to draft this deck if you have pack one access to cards like Braids, Bitterblossom, or see a lot of black weenies tabling.

Deck Strategy:

Ideally, the strategy is to play a series of early recurring threats, which is followed up by a timely pox, discard, sinkhole, braids, or even Winter Orb/Tangle Wire. The goal is to extract as much value out of your ‘pox’ cards as possible by playing cards that turn otherwise symmetrically harmful cards into one sided blow-outs. Ultimately, you will attempt to lock (albeit a soft-lock) out your opponent with a series of pox-style cards – creating an environment where only your cards can exist.


The pinnacle of disruption

While the deck will lack aggro red’s burn, or white’s pump, the sheer power and synergy of cards like Geralf’s Messenger, Hymn to Tourach, Bitterblossom, Dark Ritual, and your Pox effects should overpower the opposing player. While this deck will not be as blazingly fast as RDW, it will still play as an aggro deck against the rest of the field. Most of the deck will be under 4cc, but you will often be playing a higher CC spell such as Tombstalker.

Key Picks:

  • Green Splash
    • Cards like Life from the Loam, G/B removal, and graveyard manipulation can be quite helpful.

Draft Strategy:

Drafting BBB aggro requires an early commitment in pack one. Often, you will open or be passed a Bitterblossom, Braids, or another strong black card to put you in black. Acting quickly, your goal is to draft a mass of recurring creatures like Bloodghast, while sniping other cards that work towards the deck’s theme. Pay attention to how many zombies you have, as Gravecrawler is a must pick.

It's been a while since we had a block this good for black.

To abuse the type of creatures you will be drafting, you are going to want to draft at least 3-4 forms of symmetrical sacrifice cards. Draft cards like Braids, Liliana, and Smokestack quickly, as their permanent board presence can be more valuable than a one-time pox. Nevertheless, any combination of these will do, as long as you have enough permanent based ‘pox’ effect and spell versions.

One of the best cards to splash.

One of the best cards to splash.

While you are securing weenies and ‘pox’ effects, also draft cards that play to the decks strength. These include sac outlet cards such as Greater Gargadon, or discard machines like Masticore and Pack Rats. If you start bringing in more discard outlets, be sure to draft Crucible or Squee if you see them. Lastly, get hand and land disruption, and don’t shy away from tutors or Imperial Recruiter.


This deck has trouble with very fast RDW builds, as well as artifact/ramp decks that can easily replace their damaged mana bases. Also, this deck can be a bit tricky to draft, as lot of the core cards in black are easily splashed in a variety of other decks (looking at you Mind Twist!). FInally, keep the average CC low, and the deck should have decent percentages against the field.


Suicide/Pox black can be very challenging to draft, but very rewarding to play. The strategy requires a lot of support, and will fall apart if not enough of the right cards are picked up. Opening cards like Braids will certainly help the deck, but it can get by as long as the recurring weenie base + disruption package is solid. Remember, the goal is to utilize cards that turn otherwise mutually harmful spells into a lopsided advantage. Also, you must be aware of your mana curve, and have plenty of early game drops to get on the board before you play a ‘pox’ effect. Lastly, playing cards like Pox is all about timing, and playing them effectively will take experience.

Sample Deck Lists:

Black Red Pox

Black White Token Pox

Mono Black